The ancient practice of darkness retreat is considered one of the most powerful and direct paths to getting in touch with our essential nature. The darkness helps us cut through our everyday distractions, allows our body and nervous system to deeply rejuvenate, and gradually reveals the luminous ground of our awareness.

Carefully designed darkness retreats, undertaken in a small group setting, provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for transformative inner work. We offer darkness retreats in a safe setting in Oslo, tailored to the exploration of our Western minds.

From the indigenous Bön lineage of Tibetan Buddhism to the presocratic iatromantis shamans of Ancient Greece, darkness retreats have been used for thousands of years as a way to rapidly access a level of awareness normally associated with advanced meditation practice. The darkness retreat provides an unrivalled setting for cultivating stillness, focus and transformative self-discovery.

The fruit and synthesis of many years of study, we would like to offer this modern and updated version of an ancient and most sacred practice of inner work to those of you who are ready to go on a deep journey of self-discovery full of beauty and mystery.


Why we offer the darkness retreat now

In these times of overwhelming distractions, the ability to step back for a time and harness the energy of the concentrated mind becomes a superpower.

As the pace of life speeds up, taking time out to clarify and review our priorities in life, as well as taking a panoramic look at our path in life, turns out to be an increasingly valuable investment.

This framework aims to provide you with an opportunity to do just that. It creates the space we need to connect with what matters most to us.


Our expertise

We bring our combined 30 years of solid and comprehensive expertise as professionals and students of modern and traditional personal development systems, including Western depth psychology and Eastern contemplative methods. 

We are offering a darkness retreat that has been carefully designed to provide one of the most effective settings for rapidly penetrating and shedding the layers of distraction and confusion that often is present in our busy day to day lives.  

We are devising an environment which aims to lead our group to a space of clear and focused awareness, enabling a closer contact with our inner depths. 


What level of experience do I need to join?

The structure we have designed for the retreat makes it accessible to all. Even participants with little or no previous experience in inner work, meditation or yoga practices are very welcome to join us.

We are creating a structure that supports and guides each individual, from all levels and paths, to develop a practice of awareness, concentration and deeper insight as the retreat progresses. 


Complete digital and sensory detox

Technological addiction has today become a near-universal phenomenon. The capacity to be alone with one's inner mental landscape for any sustained amount of time is becoming rarer.


The darkness will not only detoxify and reset your relationship to digital technology. It will also purify and revitalize your visual sense, our most dominant sense, as well as the sense most under siege from the digital attention economy.


Re-entering the world upon completion of a retreat in darkness, we see reality with different eyes: We see more vividly, colorfully, clearly, with more depth and presence.

Transforming our seeing of the world is what opens the way to changing it.




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